2022 Truck Tax Due

Electronic filing is required for each return reporting 25 or more vehicles

The IRS Truck Tax Form 2290 reporting Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) must be filed annually for each taxable vehicle that is used on public highways during the current tax period begins on July 1 and ends by June 30. A Form 2290 must also be filed once a vehicle is placed in service. The due date for each month is the last day of the following month.

August 31st – 2290 Due Date

The 2290 Form is due annually between July 1 and August 31, however it has to be reported by August 31. Both the tax return and the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax must be paid by the deadline in order to avoid penalties and interest. This 2290 tax must also be paid anytime a new vehicle is added to your fleet for the remainder of that tax year. In this case the tax is due by the end of the month following the date the vehicle is first put to use on the public highways.

IF, in this period, the vehicle is first used during...THEN, file Form 2290 and make your payment by
July, 2022 August 31, 2022
August, 2022 September 30, 2022
September, 2022 October 31, 2022
October, 2022 November 30, 2022
November, 2022December 31, 2022
December, 2022January 31, 2023
January, 2023February 28, 2023
February, 2023March 31, 2023
March, 2023April 30, 2023
April, 2023May 31, 2023
May, 2023June 30, 2023
June, 2023July 31, 2023

Note: If any due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, file by the next business day.

First Used Month in a Tax Year

“First Used Month” is the date you need on your Form 2290, whether or not your taxes are prorated and paid accordingly. Date of First Use also refers to the date you first use the truck during the tax period. The tax period is July 1, to the following June 30th.

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