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Choose Electronic Filing to Report and Pay The Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290.

IRS Started Processing it and Watermarked Schedule 1 Receipt copy in just minutes!!

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TruckDues.com is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. We value the trust you place in us and our team for your 2290 Electronic Filing service.

We understand the importance of your business and are working persistently in effort to minimize disruptions associated with COVID-19. You can completely rely on us for your 2290 tax reporting as we have taken adequate steps to support you and your business with 2290 efiling.

We have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place for natural disasters that has been adjusted to also cover a pandemic. We anticipate being able to service the needs of our customers, you can be confident that we are well equipped and prepared to aid you if you experience any challenges with 2290 electronic filing. You can continuously reach us at 347 – 515 – 2290 or write to us at support@truckdues.com.

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Form 2290 For The Tax Period July 2020 – June 2021
Is Now Processed By The IRS. Renew It Today!!

Dear HVUT taxpayers, stand a chance to Electronically Report and Pay your Annual HVUT Form 2290 for the period beginning July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 with ease. File early to claim your IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 Receipt in just minutes. Make use of this opportunity to outrun the crowd of tensed last moment filers near the deadline. Imprint priority on your e-filed tax return by default by renewing Federal Vehicle Use Tax returns for the Tax Period 2020 – 2021.

The IRS is processing and accepting the 2290 Tax Returns, the digital stamped Schedule 1 receipt is issued instantly to register the heavy vehicles under your authority with the federal agencies. Try our Clone Return feature if you have not done any change from last or previous year return, it makes it much more faster to complete your 2290s. Stay safe and protect yourself and your family, follow the safety measures and guidelines issued towards COVID-19.

E-File your HVUT Form 2290 Tax Return

Electronic filing is a result of modern technological evolution, E-filing your HVUT would save your valuable time & money. Just by sparing few minutes towards e-filing your Form 2290 using TruckDues.com, you can surpass scheduling appointments at the local IRS facility involving long queues. Enjoy E-Filing at the comfort of filing Form 2290 - Federal Highway Vehicle Use Taxes anytime from anywhere. Economic E-filing begins here as low as $7.99!

IRS mandates E-Filing your HVUT Form 2290

The IRS insists taxpayers to electronically report their HVUT Form 2290 when they own 25 trucks or more. Since e-filing is accurate, prevents any misinterpretation of entered data which makes e-filing more reliable than the conventional paper filing method which involves huge turnaround time to get Schedule 1 Receipt from the IRS. Moreover, one gets mere chances to report any corrections to the originally mailed paperwork due to its time consuming.

Correcting your VIN is absolutely free!

We realize that we humans at times tend to commit typographical errors on the VIN, which could even cost your vehicle registration. Correct your VIN using truckdues.com for absolutely No cost. Receive the corrected copy of schedule 1 back in your e-mail.

IRS Digital watermarked copy of Schedule 1

By e-filing, you will receive the IRS digital watermarked copy of Schedule 1 back in your e-mail almost within minutes after you e-file. This guarantees you an instant confirmation with less turnaround time involved.




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