Why TruckDues.com?

We pave the road for easy filing

TruckDues is an IRS certified e filing service provider specialized in web based tax preparation software. We are committed in providing our customers with the highest degree of accuracy and completeness, zeroing down the possibilities of human error in tax return preparation. This simple tax web product allows the user to make the efficient move to figure and report taxes to the IRS.

With a fine integration of responsive framework, catchy features and attractive functionalities, we are easily accessible on your desktop, laptops, tablets and Smartphones.

The trend of Do It Yourself has eventually made people understand that independent filing of taxes is a better option. Irrespective of the knowledge about the taxes literally, we enable you with step by step instructions and supportive quick screen help to prepare and print or e-file the tax returns. In addition, our service is offered at a minimal rate, which can go easy on everyone’s pocket.

Goals and Mission

  • Goals are many, which one should we count on? Our prime motive is to provide our taxpayers with the high quality e-filing website, at an affordable cost. Keeping tax preparation a simple task through effective technology solutions, we are committed to take off the hardship tagged along with the traditional method of filing taxes. Moreover, this is accomplished by delivering the utilities, building our brand name and the support to develop a long last relationship. No matter how sophisticated we get, we will never charge you upfront; in fact, you can always “Try First for Free, then Pay” at Truck Dues.
  • What’s next? We provide adequate support to help you through the filing process, and only that we can be reached for any help whenever required. Our application and service authorize to take necessary action on daily basis to add ease, without disturbing the functionality.
  • And finally, our success is framed by our team's foremost commitment to develop a tool and empowering people to stay updated with the completely free tax program. You don’t have to pay us until you feel contented.

This is no rocket science; we are learning to win the trust of millions of loyal customers by offering authentic application at the most unbeatable price.

We are at your service, shoot in your queries, call us or drop by an email. We are glad you believe in us.

Why Truckdues?
irs authorized e-file provider
Authorized IRS Tax Form 2290 e-filing - Smart & Simple!
  • E-file IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online & get Schedule 1 in minutes
  • E-file Form 2290 Amendments from your original return instantly
  • Correct your VIN electronically for FREE* and get it done rightly