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Truck Tax Form 2290

Every trucker should pay the Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, form 2290 between July 1st and August 31st every year for their heavy vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 and more to operate on the public highways. Also, the vehicle should cover the mileage over 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) and more to be liable for form 2290 heavy use tax. So, you need to estimate your taxes for your trucks and pay in full during the beginning of the tax period and get your IRS watermarked/stamped schedule 1 copy at the earliest. Generally, the tax period starts on July 1st of every year and extends till June 30th of the following year. If you intend to use your truck on the highways before or after July, you have to file the taxes on a pro-rated basis from the first used month until the end of the tax year. And you have to file form 2290 before the end of the following month of the first used month.

Truck Tax Online Reporting

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  • You can also pro-rate your form 2290 truck tax based on the first month’s use and pay the 2290 tax payment only for the months you use your vehicle on the public highways.

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Truckdues.com allows to e-file form 2290 easily without any manual and calculation errors. Our 2290 tax calculator feature will calculate the exact tax amount for your HVUT form 2290. So, get ready to e-file form 2290 truck taxes at truckdues.com for the new tax period and get your official IRS stamped schedule 1 copy within a few minutes.

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The term ‘first used month denotes the month you used/drove your taxable truck on the public highways. For example, if you first use your vehicle in July, then July is the first used month for your truck, or if you first use your vehicle in December, then December is the first used month for your truck. You should file form 2290 truck tax to the IRS based on the first used month of your vehicle. And if your first month used is December, you have to file form 2290 tax returns to the IRS within January 31st of the tax period.

Generally, the tax period starts from July 1st every year and ends on June 30th of the following year. IRS accepts the form 2290 tax returns from July 1st from the new taxpayers and 2290 tax renewals. Suppose you are buying a new truck or using your truck any other month other than July, and it comes under the taxable category; you need not e-file and pay form 2290 tax returns for the entire tax period. You should calculate your form 2290 tax returns on a pro-rated basis from the first used month to June 30th, which is the end of the tax year. This is called pro-rated or partial period tax filing.

Truckdues.com offers package prices for our customers who do bulk e-filing of form 2290 truck taxes for many vehicles. The package pricing for an unlimited number of vehicles in single returns is $139.99, and the unlimited number of vehicles for unlimited returns is $ 199.99. This package pricing will greatly benefit the customers and save them a lot of money.

The information you upload, form 2290 tax preparations, previous form 2290 returns, amendments, corrections, and schedule 1 copies will be saved in your Truckdues account. You can view, change, edit or download them as per your convenience by accessing the dashboard of your Truckdues.com account on the website or mobile application.

Yes, you can view the actual and entire form 2290 before you submit the returns to the IRS. You can double-check the VIN by clicking the ‘Verify VIN Details’ button and view your tax form 2290 by clicking the ‘View Tax Form in PDF’ button. In this, you can cross-check your form 2290 tax reports and payments, and then you can submit it to the IRS by clicking the ‘Submit Returns to IRS’ button.

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