Form 2290, Schedule 1 -Proof of Payment

Get your schedule 1 copy to your e-mail within a few minutes.

Once you pay your heavy vehicle use tax to the IRS using form 2290, the IRS will process your form 2290, validate the payment and send an acknowledgment to the taxpayers as schedule 1 copy. This will serve as proof of form 2290 payment to the IRS, and you can use your schedule 1 for all the legal purposes. Your schedule 1 copy contains your VIN, which the IRS validated, so the DMV and other official bodies expect your schedule 1 copy for all the legal formalities like registration, insurance, license plates. Without the schedule 1 copy, you cannot renew your license tags at the DMV or renew your registration for IFTA, IPR, or UCR, and you will not have valid proof of paying your truck tax which will cause you a great deal of trouble with the authorities in the time of audit.

Get your schedule 1 copy now!

When you e-file form 2290 road tax through and process your payment through any mode of IRS approved payment methods like EFW, EFTPS, or credit/debit card, the IRS will validate and verify with its database and send your schedule 1 copy to your e-mail as proof of payment and successful form 2290 filing for the tax period. This schedule 1 copy will be IRS digitally stamped/watermarked, and it contains the IRS official e-file logo along with the date of your return e-filed and processed. So, the IRS digitally watermarked schedule 1 copy is accepted by all the official and legal divisions such as the DMV, DOT, and other federal authorities.

Note: Heavy truckers with 25 or more vehicles in their fleet must file their form 2290 tax returns to the IRS electronically. You can e-file form 2290 in directly to the IRS and get your official IRS watermarked schedule 1 copy within a few minutes.

Purpose of Schedule 1 copy

  • Schedule 1 copy contains the exact VIN of the truck, which is used to identify and validate that particular truck in all the other legal formalities by the authorities.
  • It is the proof of payment of the yearly form 2290 HVUT returns. All federal authorities like DMV, DOT, etc., accept it for registration, license, vehicle tags renewal, insurance, etc.
  • You should present the schedule 1 copy when you lease your trucks.
  • Above all these, you need the schedule 1 copy to operate your trucks on the public highways without any trouble with the authorities.

Ways to get your Schedule 1 copy

  • If you e-file form 2290 in, you will get your schedule 1 copy straight to your e-mail when the IRS validation is completed.
  • You can also obtain a fax copy of your schedule 1 copy from For that, you should subscribe to the fax the schedule 1 option to your office/home fax number.

Retrieving a Stamped Schedule 1

  • If you misplaced or lost your schedule 1 copy, you can retrieve it from your TruckDues account for free. All you can do is just log in to your TruckDues account, access your dashboard, download and print your schedule 1 copy.
  • Your dashboard will not be accessed by anyone other than yourself. You can view and access your schedule 1 copy from anywhere and anytime.
  • You can directly call the IRS and request a copy of your schedule 1.
  • You can also call us or e-mail us for a copy of schedule 1. We are always available to cater to all your truck tax form 2290 and schedule 1 needs.

Make your life simpler by e-filing form 2290 tax returns at Get your schedule 1 copy straight to your e-mail within a few minutes of the approval. You can also get text alerts to know the status of your schedule 1 copy with the IRS. And record-keeping is absolutely free on With, you don’t have to wait for days and weeks to get your schedule 1 copy sent from the IRS through the mail. Instead, you can get it instantly.

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Yes, your schedule 1 copy contains the VIN and other vital information of the truck, which is verified, validated, and processed by the IRS itself. So, every other federal authority will accept and demand the schedule 1 copy for all the legal and official purposes, including vehicle registration, license and tag renewal, insurance, etc.

You will get the schedule 1 copy once the IRS processes your e-filed form 2290 tax reports. is open for e-filing all day and every day. But the IRS only works on business days. So, if you e-file on a non-working day, the IRS will take it for processing on the next working day, and you will get the schedule 1 copy as soon as IRS approves it.

You will get your schedule 1 copy straight to your e-mail after IRS approves your 2290 truck tax returns. Along with that, you can also get your schedule 1 copy through fax upon request. You need to subscribe for fax copies and provide your fax number while checking out. You can also get your schedule 1 copy to more than one e-mail. And you can view and access your schedule 1 copy in your TruckDues account anytime you want for free.

Yes, you need to pay a small convenience fee of $1 to get instant text alerts on the status of the schedule 1 copy with the IRS.

Yes, we charge $1 per fax to send your IRS stamped schedule 1 copy to you through fax at

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