Pre-file Form 2290 for the Next Tax Year,

E-file form 2290 before the deadline hits the crowd!

TruckDues aspires to provide the best service for our beloved trucking community with the latest, robust, user-friendly form 2290 e-filing web and mobile applications. We are always at your service, even in this COVID-19 pandemic times, to serve you up to our best efforts. We make it easy for you to e-file form 2290 HVUT online and continue your business on the public highways of the United States.

You can file and report the form 2290 heavy vehicle use taxes for the next tax period using the pre-filing method during the current tax period before the expiration of your existing schedule 1 copy. As IRS always operates on a first come, first served basis, yours will be the first in line for the new form 2290 renewal. You will also get your schedule 1 copy at the very beginning of the new tax season so that you can carry on your trucking business without any concerns.

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Pre-filing form 2290 is the process of starting up the preparation and completion of form 2290 tax returns in advance, before the commencement of the next tax period. After you pre-file your form 2290 for the next tax period through, we will safely hold it and submit it directly to the IRS at once they start the form 2290 tax process. Pre-filing form 2290 is kind of an ‘’early bird’’ offer for the truckers to stay ahead in their form 2290 tax payments.

A gentle reminder that pre-filing form 2290 is an option to stand on top of the crowd when the actual tax season starts for the year. During that time, IRS will be occupied with huge volumes of tax processing and filing. So, pre-filing form 2290 is an effective and thoughtful way to easily pay form 2290 and get your schedule 1 copy on time.

Also, pre-filing form 2290 procedure doesn’t guarantee any official acceptance of tax form 2290 returns until the IRS starts accepting the 2290 truck tax forms from July 1st 2024 through June 30th 2025. IRS also doesn’t process form 2290 tax returns on federal holidays. If you happen to file form 2290 on any such day then it will be taken for processing on the next working day of the IRS.

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E-File HVUT Form 2290


Yes, you can pre-file form 2290 HVUT for the upcoming tax period through We shall hold your e-filings and push it to the IRS as soon as they start processing the form 2290 tax returns. Once IRS processes your 2290 returns, you will get the schedule 1 copy immediately.

You can pre-file your form 2290 truck taxes either by e-filing method in at affordable costs or you can directly visit the IRS office and paper-file it.

No, there are no additional charges for pre-filing form 2290 tax reports through You can pre-file form 2290 for the same service charges which starts at $ 7.99 for single vehicle returns.

You will get the schedule 1 copy at once the IRS completes your form 2290 tax returns processing during the beginning of the tax period. As so many taxpayers file their 2290 highway use tax at the beginning of the tax period, IRS starts with processing pre-filed form 2290 reports first and deliver the schedule IRS form 2290 schedule 1 at the earliest.

No, form 2290 pre-filers do not get any discounts on the highway vehicle use tax form 2290 with IRS. Pre-filing is an effective option for the regular taxpayers to stay ahead of the crowd, get their form 2290 processed soon to get the schedule 1 copy earlier to smoothly continue their business in the public highways of the United States.

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