Truckers Tax Form 2290

Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

Truckers Tax Form 2290 - Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

The Federal Truckers Tax Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax is a $550 federal excise tax that must be paid on all vehicles with a taxable gross weigh 55,000 pounds or more and operated 5000 miles (7500 miles for logging vehicles) on public highways. The reporting period is from July 1st, 2021 (in any given year) to June 30th, 2022 (the next year). This tax bill is currently due and up for renewal; need to be reported before August 31st, 2021. If the vehicle will not be operated more than 5,000 miles in the coming year (or, if it is agricultural, if it won’t be operated more than 7,500 miles in the year), then it is exempt from paying tax, but still it is required to report 2290 with the IRS. If you acquire a vehicle that is to be used on the highways you must pay the 2290 tax for truckers by the end of the month following the month you purchased the vehicle in.

For more information refer to, the IRS official website to refer more on the Truckers Tax.

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Electronic Filing for 2290 Truckers Tax

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Form 2290 and Schedule 1 is due for Renewal

Form 2290 and Schedule 1 is now due for renewal and need it for registration purposes, the Form 2290 tax must be paid in the name of the owner of the truck or the registrant of the vehicle. For a vehicle destroyed, stolen or sold before June 1, a credit for tax paid can be claimed on the Form 2290 or a refund of the tax paid can be claimed on Form 8849 Schedule -6.

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Penalties for Not Filing and Paying

Taxes are suppose to be estimated right and paid on time, if the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax is not filed on time and not appropriately paid there will be penalties and interest imposed by the IRS. Interest accrues monthly, and as a result, what started out as a flat $550 tax can increase by hundreds of dollars very quickly. Operationally, even though your truck may not be impounded, you may be put out of service if you cannot provide proof of payment (stamped Schedule 1) of the 2290 to your carrier or governmental agencies.

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