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Choose to pre-file form 2290 and stay ahead of the crowd! is designed with a simple user interface to make e-filing form 2290 online an excellent experience. All our e-filing platforms, website and mobile applications, our services are custom-made to benefit our beloved trucking community to efile form 2290 online smoothly and securely. So, get the competitive advantage by pre-filing form 2290 at and get the schedule 1 copy from the IRS at the earliest.

Pre-filing is made easy and accessible at TruckDues for all the truckers!

Pre-filing allows you to be prepared for the upcoming tax period. You can start preparing your form 2290 tax reports ahead of the season and submit them here at We will securely hold it for you in our system and push it to the IRS as soon as they open the shop for form 2290 HVUT processing for the year on July 1st.

Pre-filing helps to stay in advance and avoids the last-minute tension, mistakes or mishaps during the beginning of the tax period. You can stay ahead of every taxpayer and get your schedule 1 copy on time. In addition, pre-filing helps you concentrate on the business without worrying much about filing form 2290 tax returns at the beginning of the tax year. Instead, you can prepare it in your free time, pre-file it in and get the schedule 1 copy once the IRS process it during the beginning of the tax period.

Pre-file form 2290 at TruckDues now!

If you are new to prefiling, it is nothing but a process of preparing your HVUT form 2290 tax reports ahead of the following tax season and filing it with the IRS. So that IRS will process your 2290 tax returns and send you the schedule 1 copy as soon as the tax period starts for the year. In the case of pre-filing with, you can e-file form 2290 heavy vehicle use tax at any time you want ahead of the next tax season. We will hold it for you in our system and push it to the IRS once they start accepting form 2290s for the next tax period.

Duplicate or reuse a previously reported 2290 tax return

TruckDues brings you the much-needed feature to make your e-filing or pre-filing process even simpler. This feature helps you duplicate or reuse the previously filed form 2290 tax returns into a new tax return with all the data imported from the previous one. With this option, you don’t have to start your preparation of form 2290 tax reports from the beginning every time you are renewing or haven’t changed anything from the previous tax form 2290.

2290 Tax Payment

If you pre-file form 2290, you will have time till the IRS process your form 2290 tax returns to make the payment. You need not worry about the 2290 tax payments if you choose the direct debit method or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) method because the IRS directly debits the 2290 tax amount from your bank account. If you are paying through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) method, you can schedule the 2290 tax payment after receiving the schedule 1 receipt in your email. You can also use check or money order payment with the accepted schedule 1 receipt copy.

IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 Receipt Proof

The IRS digitally stamped schedule 1 copy for your pre-filed form 2290 tax returns will be available in your TruckDues profile dashboard once the IRS completes the process and approves your 2290 tax report. You must make sure that you choose the correct tax year while applying for the form 2290 pre-filing process in You can always contact our free customer support executives to guide you through every step of your form 2290 pre-filing process.

Form 2290 Call, Live Chat and Email Support is the most trusted e-filing service provider for hundreds and thousands of truckers in the United States. We made the form 2290 e-filing process highly affordable to all the truckers. Even in this hard-hitting pandemic situation, we are open for business to serve the beloved trucking community of the United States. We offer the best customer support service in the market. We are available for your support on all the working days from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST. You can have a live chat with our executives or call them directly at your convenience. Reach us at (347) 515 – 2290 or

E-File HVUT Form 2290


No, you can download form 2290 from the IRS website and mail the completed form 2290 to the IRS. IRS will process the mailed form 2290 once they start accepting form 2290 for the particular tax period. However, IRS will only accept the tax returns for the current tax season and will not accept pre-filing at their counters. So, you have to mail your pre-filing form 2290 directly to the IRS. The e-filing method is the most effective and quicker way to pre-file form 2290 truck tax with the IRS. doesn’t charge any additional service free for pre-filing form 2290 heavy use tax. You can pre-file form 2290 at at the usual $7.99 per vehicle’s tax returns.

Even if you pre-file, the IRS charges the amount only at the time of the actual form 2290 process during July 1st. You can choose the payment methods and schedule the payment as per the IRS regulations accordingly.

Usually, accepts prefiling in June, ahead of the new tax period that starts in July. We shall be notifying our customers through email and text alerts. And we will put alerts and notifications on our website once we start accepting pre-filing form 2290 truck tax. You must carefully choose the correct tax period you pre-file while preparing form 2290 road taxes at

Usually, the IRS starts accepting the HVUT form 2290 during the beginning of the tax period, which falls on July 1st every year. IRS will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, and so many taxpayers will be filing their form 2290 tax returns at that time. So, it will take more time for the IRS to process everything and deliver the respective schedule 1 copies. You can pre-file form 2290 ahead of the tax period to overcome this crowd and get delayed. IRS will soon process your form 2290 tax returns and issue the official schedule 1 copy soon. It is highly advisable that you pre-file form 2290 taxes if you are renewing the same tax reports for the next year and if you already know the taxable criteria of your trucks.

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