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Each awakening moment of our lives, we look around for methodologies that doesn’t rip our pockets and leave us broke? Well, you need to be a trucker or an owner operator to file and report tax for yourself, spending the least on tax filing. The logic is simple – why pay more when you can spend only $7.99 for single truck filing?

Here we are talking about Truck Tax Form 2290:

Form 2290, is the application to file tax returns for taxable heavy vehicles used on the public highway. IRS has fixed July-August as the tax-filing period for every heavy vehicle users. If in case, you don’t file or fall by the due date, you are liable to report tax with penalties and interest. However, if you have taken your vehicle out after the tax season or before, you are liable to file and report form 2290 online by the second month of the first use.

Reading the above point, there seem to additional responsibility on your shoulder other than mere serving the nation with varied deliveries. And during the time of need, efiling is one such method, which can save you from a major turmoil. You can save upon your time, energy and the waiting period. And, and, and… if you are filing your tax return form 2290 with TruckDues, you can save upon the tax fee as well. Just $7.99 per filing and you receive your schedule 1 copy. Additionally,

And if this idea seems to be the perfect picture, you can give up on running around IRS office during business hours to waiting for the mail to turn up home.

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Why are we offering form 2290 efile for cheap and at a low cost?

Are you wondering why are we offering form 2290 efile for cheap and at a low cost? There is surely a purpose to be served. We know the hard work you do, we know the struggles you face on road and we are well aware how things are when the climate does not support you. Despite of the hardship, you file your a tax 2290 return to the IRS as token of respect. It becomes tedious if paper filing was the method you choose to report and file form 2290. Instead, file your return online, pay a very low fee to TruckDues and receive your schedule 1 copy, right there in just minutes. Additionally, you are allowed to enjoy the features designed in the application, through your desktop and mobile with utmost ease.

TruckDues does belong to one of the third party service providers, yet we are not playing the monopoly here. Our sole purpose is to serve the truckers, who are dedicatedly working hard day and night for the nation. A heavy fee is just history. After all, every service provider is different in its ways.

If you still think, filing form 2290 is a tedious role to handle and wish never had to pay tax, kill the feel. is one shop-stop service provider, allowing you to deal with filing fee with ease. Just $7.99 per filing and schedule 1 copy would be made available immediately when the IRS completes processing your 2290 tax return.

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