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IRS charges taxes for using the heavy motor vehicles on the public highways of the United States through tax form 2290 highway heavy vehicle use tax. You should pay form 2290 tax returns directly to the IRS for your taxable vehicles every year at the beginning of the tax period. Generally, a tax period starts on July 1st of every year and lasts till June 30th of the following year. So, you will have time till the end of August 31st to file or renew form 2290 for the current tax year. Your vehicle should have a total gross weight of 55,000 or more to be eligible for form 2290 tax payment. Also, commercial vehicles should cross more than 5,000 miles, and agricultural vehicles should cross more than 7,500 miles on the public highways to be eligible for form 2290 highway use taxes. If your heavy motor vehicle doesn’t fall under these categories, you should file form 2290 HVUT with the IRS and report for tax suspension of your vehicle.

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E-filing form 2290 directly to the IRS is the best way to report your heavy vehicle use taxes to the IRS. E-filing process automates your entire tax preparation. All you have to do is sign-up for free in, punch in the necessary details and information, select your form 2290 tax category, pay the tax amount and service free online and get your schedule 1 copy within a few minutes of approval. TruckDues is an IRS-approved online form 2290 e-filing service provider.

You will get the IRS digitally stamped schedule 1 copy straight to your email. You can then print it and use it as the official proof of form 2290 tax returns. You can view and review your tax filing history through your TruckDues account. We offer you permanent record keeping of your tax files which will come in handy during the IRS audit times.

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IRS has classified heavy motor vehicles into two categories for highway heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 tax payments. They are commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles. Commercial vehicles are usual goods carriers like trailers, containers, reefers, flat-load used for commercial purposes. Agriculture vehicles are heavy motor vehicles used exclusively for farming purposes like transportation of logs, seeds, crops, poultry, livestock, etc.

We offer complete record-keeping at You can access your previous e-filed forms, payment information, schedule 1 copies, and everything in your TruckDues account. You can also download them and print them as per convenience.

Yes, we can fax your IRS digitally stamped form 2290 schedule 1 copy for you. However, you must check the fax request box while checking out, and you will be charged $1 per fax.

If you are e-filing form 2290 online using, you should register with us by providing all the basic and necessary information. It’s mainly your personal and business information like business name, registration address, vehicle category, VIN, etc.

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