2023 Truck Tax Due

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We know the amount of hard work the trucking community had to put in to ensure the nation’s needs, like food and other essential supplies. Trucks serve around the clock, coast to coast, to transport everything on time. The work is much harder for owner-operators because they have to handle everything all by themselves.

We, TruckDues, proudly serve our incredible trucking community by making the filing process of form 2290 very easy. We created a simple online 2290 tax filing web software that helps make tax 2290 preparations user-friendly and affordable. Truckdues.com is the best online e-filing service provider designed to provide a convenient e-filing form 2290 tax returns for all the truckers of the United States.

Form 2290 – Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has started reminding all the truckers regarding their due date on federal highway use tax returns, which falls on August 31st of this year. Therefore, form 2290 should be renewed for this year on or before August 31st for all the truckers who intend to use their trucks from July 1st of this year. If you plan to use a truck after July, you need to file your form 2290 road tax based on the first month of its use.

IRS made it compulsory to e-file form 2290 online for truck owners with 25 or more vehicles in their fleet. E-filing method enables the IRS to process your tax quickly without any margin of error and issue your stamped schedule 1 within a few minutes. Truckdues.com is the best online portal to e-file form 2290 HVUT returns with the IRS. As TruckDues is the first company to get officially approved by the IRS for e-filing assistance.

The Highway Use Tax is applicable for all highway motor vehicles with a total gross weight of 55,000 lbs. and more. Form 2290 generally includes trucks, truck tractors, trailers, etc. Generally, IRS 2290 payment can go up to $550 based on the total gross weight.

E-filing form 2290 reports are mandatory!

We all know that IRS made it compulsory for the truckers to e-file form 2290 if they have 25 or more taxable vehicles in their fleet. IRS encourages all the truckers, trucking companies, owner-operators even the truckers with single vehicles to efile form 2290. E-filing 2290 road tax is the easiest to file and process your tax reports. You will get your official schedule 1 copy soon after the IRS accepts your 2290 tax e-file.

Proof of Payment

IRS will issue the taxpayer a digitally stamped schedule 1 copy as proof of approval and payment of their form 2290 tax returns. As the normal paper filing will take a few days to get the schedule 1 copy, you will get the schedule 1 copy within 20 to 60 minutes through the e-filing method through truckdues.com.

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TruckDues.com is an owner-operator-friendly website offering 2290 tax electronic filing services at an affordable cost to make it possible for every owner-operator and truck owner to benefit from this service. E-file is the fastest way of filing your 2290 taxes with the IRS and the IRS stamped Schedule-1 copy of Proof for Payment is sent to you immediately when there is an update from IRS. Moreover 2290 tax efile starts at $7.99 for a single vehicle, “The Best Priced” website and rated 5 stars. We build the trust and faith, no more looking back… choose efiling and save you time and money. #happytrucking #safetrucking


Highway Motor Vehicles are generally trucks and trailers specially designed to carry heavy loads across the roads. All Highway heavy use vehicles must pay form 2290 tax returns to stay on the public highways of the United States.

All trucking companies, including owner-operators, independent truckers, LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and other organizations, including non-profitable, charitable, educational, etc. All the companies and truck owners of the United States are liable to file form 2290 road tax with the IRS.

You can register for free and start your form 2290 tax e-filing at truckdues.com. You can enter all the necessary details and e-file form 2290 within 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, you can always contact our free customer support line for any assistance.

IRS will quickly process your form 2290 tax returns if you file them through the e-filing method in truckdues.com. You will get your IRS stamped schedule 1 copy when the IRS accepts and processes your 2290 tax report. Generally, it will take up to 20 to 60 minutes to get your schedule copy.

Yes, you can get your IRS digitally watermarked schedule 1 copy straight to your email. You can download and print it for further legal purposes with the authorities, insurance, DMV etc. You can also download it from your TruckDues profile.

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