Form 2290, Schedule 1 - Proof for Payment

No more waiting for your Schedule 1 copies by mail, just check your inbox

Once you pay your truck taxes using Form 2290 the IRS will validate the payment and send a acknowledgement referred as Schedule-1 copy, this will also serve as the proof of payment of 2290 taxes. The Schedule-1 will have your Vehicle Identification Number that you report for. However without this proof, you will not be allowed to renew your tags at the DMV, or renew your registration for IFTA, IRP or UCR, and of course, you have no proof that you paid your taxes either, which will certainly cause trouble if you are ever audited.

How do you get your schedule 1 copy?

When you e-file your truck taxes you will pay by direct debit method or through EFTPS, the IRS receives the payment information and they will verify with the database and if found right you will be sent with an email containing the Schedule-1 copy as proof. This is referred as IRS e-file watermark, it is nothing but IRS will stamp their e-file logo and the date your return was received and processed by them. The electronic copy will show this watermark and accepted by all DOT’s, DMV’s and other federal authorities.

Note: Motor carriers with 25 or more vehicles subject to HVUT are required to report the IRS electronically and additional sheet of schedule 1 should be attached, we will take care of this in our e-file software

If your schedule 1 copy doesn’t have an IRS watermark logo, you will be validated.

Purpose of Schedule 1 copy:

  • To report all the vehicles using their VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) for which you are reporting your tax. The very purpose of filing form 2290 in simple words.
  • As a proof of payment to register / renew your vehicles, license plates, tag’s with the states and other legal authorities.
  • You would need to present this IRS stamped Schedule 1 copy when you lease/contract your truck.
  • More than all, you need this to run/operate your heavy vehicle on any public highway.

Ways to Get Your New Stamped Schedule 1

  • will automatically email the stamped schedule 1 upon the IRS acceptance. You can also access your schedule 1 copy through your registered account with
  • You can also subscribe for fax the Schedule 1 option to your office/ home fax number. This way, you can fax one to yourself, almost immediately.

Retrieving a Stamped Schedule 1

  • If you have misplaced or lost your IRS schedule 1 copy, you can login to your registered account with TruckDues and view it any time. You are allowed to download, print your stamped schedule 1 copy right from the dashboard. And you know what? It is all for free.
  • A copy would be available for you in your account, secured and could not be accessed by anyone other than you. You could download anytime from anywhere for two (2) consecutive years.
  • You may also call IRS and request for a copy of your Schedule 1 any time.
  • We are always waiting, call us for a copy, and email us for a copy. We are ready anytime to take care of your 2290 needs

Life is made simpler with 2290 efiling, why do we have to make it complicated with paper filing. Nor do you have to wait for weeks together for the mail to turn up at your place. Efile your return today, tomorrow or any time and you can be sure, schedule 1 copy is on the way to your email inbox. Interesting stuff here is we do all recordkeeping for you, just Free.

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