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The Android and iOS operating systems makes everything accessible from your comfort zone. The smart phone brings every essential service to your place and powers your business. Trucking is competitive, staying compliance is very important to stay in the competition and save big on your business. The vehicle use taxes are to be reported using the IRS Tax Form 2290 on time and in full, year on year to stay compliant. Usually the 2290 taxes are reported in July of a year to June of the successive year. The tax filing season is between July and August for vehicles that is used from July, otherwise the pro-rated 2290 taxes are to be paid for vehicles that is used after July. This partial period tax is paid by the month the vehicle is put to use.

TruckDues brings you every possible ways to report your 2290 truck taxes, be it website or mobile app we bring you the best and rewarding experience. We stretch our service to your palm, comfort with secured technology to report and pay the 2290 taxes from your smart mobile phones.

Getting started with 2290 eFile from Truckdues Mobile App:

  • Download the TruckDues Mobile App by visiting the App Stores
  • New user complete your registration. Returning user, then access your account and your dashboard.
  • Add in your business details and Start a new 2290 Tax Return and continue the steps.
  • Complete 2290 Tax Reporting, 2290 Tax Amendments, 2290 VIN Correction for Free*, 2290 Tax Refund Claims at one place.
  • Access to your IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 Receipt anytime from anywhere.
  • Stay connected with our Support Desk for any help.

Android and iOS Platform 2290 eFile Apps

There were 3.2 billion global smartphone users in 2019. That number is expected to become nearly 4 billion this year. Since 2012, Android has had a consistent lead in market share versus Apple, according to Statista. As of last statistics, 51.8% of American smartphone owners had an Android device, while 47.4% owned an Apple device. We leverage our users to choose between Android and iOS based on their smart phone make. Both Android and iOS brings you several layers of security when you’re dealing your 2290 taxes through your smart phone. Our Apps enhance the security towards trust and enable you to report your 2290 taxes and get access to the IRS watermarked Schedule 1 receipt proof instantly.

For Truckers effective stress-management is a necessary quality of becoming a great truck driver. We know it can be stressful to manage your time on the road, the random roadblocks that pop up, we want you to ease the heavy vehicle reporting and staying complaint.

Start using our 2290 eFile Mobile Apps and enjoy the 3X faster process. Receive your IRS watermarked Schedule 1 Receipt proof instantly, at an affordable price, $7.99 for a single vehicle return.

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  • E-file Form 2290 Amendments from your original return instantly
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