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Mobile applications make everything accessible through your mobile phones. Nowadays, smartphones empower your business and save time, money, and energy. Among all the businesses, the trucking industry is one of the most robust and competitive fields requiring you to stay on top of everything. As truck owners and operators, you need to pay the heavy vehicle use tax from 2290 to the IRS every year to stay in compliance with the law and the state. The form 2290 tax filing season starts from July 1st and ends on August 31st every year. Therefore, you should file your 2290 tax returns in advance for the whole year. You can also file prorated/partial-period tax for the vehicles used after July. 2290 tax amount is calculated from the first used month for such vehicles, and you should pay 2290 tax within the end of the following month.

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Truckdues.com brings you the best and most comfortable ways to e-file your form 2290 tax returns online. After the tremendous success of the website truckdues.com, we now bring you the comfort of e-filing straight to your hands through our versatile mobile application. We enable you to file IRS form 2290 online on your smartphone with a convenient application.

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  • Download the TruckDues Mobile App from the App stores (Google Playstore for Android and Apple store for iOS).
  • Register for free and create your TruckDues account if you are a new user, or sign in to your TruckDues account if you are an existing user.
  • You can access your profile and dashboard for existing users.
  • New users should enter all their details and business information to create the profile.
  • Start e-filing 2290 tax forms, 2290 amendments, 2290 claims, and VIN corrections.
  • You can get your Schedule 1 copy to your e-mail, and you can also access it through your TruckDues account at your convenience.
  • You can connect with our customer support desk for any assistance.

Android and iOS Mobile Apps

TruckDues have separate and dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones. Each platform has its own style, user interface, security, and convenience. So, we made it possible for all the users to easily e-file form 2290 tax returns through their smartphones. Our mobile applications give you the enhanced experience and secure network to safely e-file your 2290 highway use truck tax from the comfort of your place.

Our applications’ sole aim is to reduce the burden of our beloved truckers of the United States on filing their 2290 tax reports on time. You can download our mobile application and enjoy 3X faster processes and services. You can start e-filing your form 2290 road tax for a single-vehicle at $ 7.99.


No, TruckDues mobile app is absolutely free. You can download it for free in Google Playstore for Android mobiles and Apple store for iOS mobiles and start e-filing your form 2290 online.

TruckDues mobile app is a convenient application to efile and pay form 2290 truck tax. Our mobile app supports all the mobile phones with Android and iOS smartphones.

TruckDues mobile application has all the modern features like our truckdues.com web application. You can easily e-file your form 2290 tax returns, apply for VIN corrections, 2290 tax amendments, 2290 refund claims with secure payment gateways.

Yes, the TruckDues mobile application has secure payment gateways where you can safely perform all monetary transactions with IRS. As we are the first IRS-approved e-filing service providers, we deployed foolproof technology to ensure secure transactions for our customers.

Yes, you can log in to your current TruckDues account in your mobile app and start your e-filing 2290 process right away.

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